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550nm IPL Hair Removal Device

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Effective, safe, comfy hair removal with at-home ease

  • Visible results after 4 sessions
  • Longer lasting nearly hair-free, smooth skin
  • Less pain & more effective with 550nm IPL
  • 2 Fans & 3X Ice Cooling, skin more comfy
  • Beauty Tech, Safety 1st

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    NAISIGOO The Shiner NAISIGOO The Shiner
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    90+90 Days Money Back Guarantee
    90+90 Days Money Back Guarantee
    Free Replacement Upon Flash Depletion
    Free Replacement Upon Flash Depletion

    Visible Results After 4 Sessions

    0-4 Sessions

    within 2 weeks, twice a week

    After your 4 sessions, you can expect to see up to a 60% reduction in hair count and regrowth, This is when you’ll start to feel hair softer.

    0-2 Weeks

    *Individual results may vary based on hair type, hair color, and hair coarseness.

    0-4 Sessions
    4-8 Sessions
    After 12 Sessions

    My goal is less shaving. Hopefully the at home convenience would encourage more frequent use that will allow me to achieve that.


    I like the agreeable hold of this ergonomic plan.I can bid farewell to humiliating circumstances by basically fixing my hair issues at home.

    I was pleased that the device stayed cool with the sapphire ice-cooling function which on the highest intensity stayed comfortable against my skin.


    Make sure you do the test before actually applying to your face. Wear the eye protection and start on the lowest setting. Results take several weeks.

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    Our customers say
    Get the real sound and experience

    Recommended by experts.

    "Now IPL is one of the most effective ways to deal with excessive hair growth, and studies show that these home IPL devices can be effective. Naisigoo The Shiner is going to be an easy and good choice."

    Dr. Fayez Ajib

    "Naisigoo The Shiner, it's an IPL intense pulse light used to get some of the hair you could do it in the privacy of your own home's safe and effective."

    Dr. Benjamin P. Caughlin, MD

    "We are getting so advanced with our technology. Naisigoo The Shiner is a portable IPL laser hair removal device with an appropriate 550-1200nm wavelength that targets the melanin in your hair follicle."

    H. Elena Rodriguez, MD

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    Truly amazing product

    Truly amazing product! It does take some time and consistency but wow the results are awesome! It is painless for the most part, it felt like a slight rubber band snap on my face on the highest level, but it went away with the lowest.

    So far so good easy to use

    So far so good easy to use still too early to see results though

    The product sturdy and is easy to hold.

    The product sturdy and is easy to hold.
    This product really works!! I started using the laser hair remover about 2 weeks ago, and the hair is coming back less and less.

    Get one if you're hairy!

    OMG!! At last, no beard stubble! I've had a "beard" since junior high- miserable! It got progressively worse over the years and I tried all the latest laser hair removal technology. And while the laser appointments resulted in reduced growth, with the shiner my chin is literally hair-free. Like, for the first time ever. I am beyond stoked. I can't wait to use it on my legs, underarms, and everywhere.Get one if you're hairy! :) :)

    I have noticed a reduction in hair on my legs and bikini area.

    I have noticed a reduction in hair on my legs and bikini area. The tool is less painful than I imagined. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.