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6 Best Hair Removal Devices for Smooth Skin

Effective, Comfy and Safe: Naisigoo The Shiner

6 Best Hair Removal Devices for Smooth Skin

Less Expensive: Nood The Flasher 2.0

Nood The Flasher 2.0 has significantly improved the process of hair removal, effectively addressing issues like ingrown hairs and stubble shadows. It features seven intensity levels and a user-friendly digital display, making it simple to use on larger areas and sensitive skin, including for those with hormonal hair growth like PCOS. The updated model boasts a broader treatment window and a more powerful bulb, enabling quick full-body treatments in just 10 minutes with fewer flashes.

However, its bulky size may be unwieldy, and the bright flash can be initially surprising, which might concern individuals with epilepsy. Despite these points, its ease of use and efficiency for quick treatments make it an attractive option, particularly for those with busy schedules. 

Lightweight Design: Silk'n Infinity

The Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal Device distinguishes itself with its lightweight design, user-friendliness, and ability to effectively reduce hair thickness, making it suitable for use on both the body and the face. Its ease of setup and operation is particularly convenient for people with smaller hands. The device comes ready to use and includes comprehensive instructions.

This device operates smoothly in pulsing mode for smaller areas and gliding mode for larger sections like the legs. Using it on the legs takes approximately 15 minutes and doesn't cause any discomfort, thanks to its five adjustable settings. These settings can be personalized to match individual comfort levels and skin tones, with the highest setting generating mild and tolerable heat, which is beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin. Users can see noticeable hair reduction within five weeks of using it bi-weekly, and over time, the regrown hair appears thinner.

Cooling Technology: Ulike Sapphire AIR+

The Ulike device comes in two color options, dark green and white, and incorporates Sapphire Ice Cooling Technology. This innovative technology keeps the glass window cool to minimize skin discomfort during use. The device offers five different intensity levels, with the highest setting potentially producing a sensation similar to a snap from a rubber band.

The device includes several accessories: a razor, a protective case for the razor, specialized protective glasses designed to reduce the risk of migraines triggered by light flashes, and a travel case. The device is lightweight and user-friendly, although its size might be challenging for individuals with smaller hands. It's important to mention that it is not a handheld device and may require occasional wire adjustments, but these factors are relatively good for its usability. The device suits various body areas and the face's lower half.

Quick Results: Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL 

Unlike numerous other corded devices, Braun's IPL machine provides users with an ample 2-meter-long cable. This generous cable length allows users to conduct their treatments without being confined to specific locations or limited in their ability to target specific areas.

It's worth noting that for IPL and laser hair removal, it's preferable to have smooth skin before undergoing treatment. The Braun machine considers this by including a Gillette Venus razor, a considerate addition to assist users in achieving the desired smoothness.

The device offers three settings and is straightforward to operate, delivering quick and efficient results when used on various body areas. Additionally, the precision head proves helpful in focusing on smaller and more delicate areas, such as the armpits or bikini line. Users can easily switch heads by clicking them off and on as needed.

Overall Treatment: Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series

The Philips Lumea IPL 9000 series includes a variety of interchangeable heads tailored for use on the face, body, and precision areas, allowing users to target specific regions as needed. While larger than other devices, it can be conveniently stored at home using the provided carry bag.

Despite its large size, the device is lightweight and easy to handle. It offers both corded and cordless operation options, providing flexibility for users to choose the method that suits them best.

The device is equipped with a skin tone sensor feature that can recommend the most suitable intensity level from the five available levels based on the user's skin tone.

Effective, Comfy and Safe: Naisigoo The Shiner

This IPL hair removal system combines professional salon-grade technology with the convenience of at-home use, achieving salon-level results in three weeks. It’s also FDA-approved for users’ safety.

The Shiner now uses a wavelength range of 550-1200nm. This precision helps the device easily target hair follicles, making hair removal comfy and gel or cream-free. During the process, users will enjoy a refreshing, cool sensation on the skin, like the soothing feeling of ice cubes in a cup of coffee.

Moreover, with The Shiner’s extended handle, people effortlessly extend their reach to those tricky areas—neck and back—when relaxing, such as watching TV, talking with friends, listening to music, etc. And if choosing to, customers can even remove hair from legs when lying down. The device provides users with exquisite control over its angle and placement, ensuring every moment of use is a comfort-driven experience.

At-home hair removal effectiveness varies significantly from person to person, influenced by factors like skin type, hair color, and the specific technology used. This variation underlines the importance of carefully following the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines to ensure the most effective results and prevent skin irritation or damage. For instance, certain skin types may react differently to laser or IPL treatments, necessitating lower intensity settings or even rendering some devices unsuitable. Additionally, understanding the proper technique for each device, such as the angle of application and speed of movement across the skin, is crucial for effective hair removal. Regular maintenance of the device, like cleaning and replacing parts when necessary, also plays a significant role in its performance and longevity. By paying close attention to these details, users can maximize the efficacy of their chosen hair removal method while minimizing potential risks and discomfort.


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