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NAISIGOO The Starter

IPL Hair Removal Device

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Effective, safe, comfy hair removal with at-home ease

  • Visible hair reduction in just 3 Weeks
  • Long-lasting smooth skin after 8 weeks
  • Pain-free & effective with Dual Pulse IPL
  • 2x Ice cooling, skin more comfy
  • Continuous Automatic Mode

NAISIGOO The Starter NAISIGOO The Starter


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Salon Results at Home

Visible results in 3 weeks achieve smooth skin in 8

Our IPL hair removal device uses advanced lPL technology to target hair follicles deeply, disrupting their growth cycle and removing hair ef-fectively. Within 7-8 weeks, it achieves up to a 94% reduction in hair, de-livering salon-quality results at home.

Salon Results at Home
lce-Cooling Care

lce-Cooling Care

Pain-free and gentle on the skin

The lPL hair removal device cools to 50°F, enhancing comfort with its lce-Cooling touch. This technology prevents skin irritation by maintaining a cool sensation, ensuring the hair removal process is nearly painless and gentle on your skin. Say goodbye to redness and discomfort with this efficient, skin-friendly solution for at-home hair removal.

2 Flash Modes

Full-body hair removal

This IPL hair removal device is versatile and suitable for use on the face, arms, legs, and bikini area. lt features Auto-Glide Mode for quick flashes, making full-body treatments fast and efficient at home. Use the auto mode for larger areas like arms and legs, and switch to manual mode for precise treatment of smaller areas like the bikini line and un-derarms.

2 Flash Modes
5 Power Levels

5 Power Levels

Provide different starting levels for different areas

The IPL hair removal device features five adjustable energy levels to suit different skin areas and hair growth rates, allowing for tailored treat-ment. Start at the lowest level and increase as your skin tolerates,achieving more effective hair removal at higher settings.

Dual-Pulse Technology

A safer and more effective approach

This device brings salon-grade hair removal technology into your home.It uses a unique two-pulse approach: the first pulse gently warms up the hair follicle, and the second pulse targets it more intensely. This method improves the efficiency of hair removal by 50%, making it a safer and more effective solution for home use.

Dual-Pulse Technology
At Home Painless Hair Removal

At Home Painless Hair Removal

8 Weeks - Say goodbye to Excess Hair

Economical and time-saving compared to expensive beauty salons and clinics. Exquisite package makes it a perfect gift choice for Christmas,New year, Valentine's Day and etc. We promise that after a full course of treatment, if you are not satisfied with the final results, you are welcome to return the product for a refund or exchange at any time!

Safe on skin, effective on hair

Is lPL right for you

suitable skin and hair tons

Safe on skin, effective on hair
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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
I was expecting this type of treatment to hurt

I was expecting this type of treatment to hurt, but it doesnt at all! Unpon using it just twice, I had already noticed slow hair growth. Finally a win for me!

I would say I started seeing good results

I would say I started seeing good results in like 4 weeks of consistency and now week 9-10 hardly anything grows back. I went to shaving every day to maybe once a week. And I think thatll keep getting better. Armpits and pubic area would take me probably 5 minutes max.

Cons: will overheat. I have started doing my legs and cant do armpits/pubic with the legs because its too many zaps and will overheat. Laser is also small so legs take about 15 min but really nice for pubic area to get that cleanly.

Pros: works, doesnt hurt at all in my opinion and very portable.

Truthfully its worth it yall

Super easy to use

Super easy to use. Easy to follow instructions plus it came with a chart. Ive seen a reduction in hair growth.

please just do it already.

Im a Latina, I struggled with dark, thick, wire-like hairs on my face, mostly beard area. I waxed for years and always had ingrown hairs and constantly had to pluck missed hairs that the wax didnt get. The ingrown hairs were so bad and painful and would often leave scars from when Id dig out the hairs to pluck. Id have to wax at least every week because these hairs insisted on growing back quickly. Id go to work with irritated skin from the wax and it sucked because coworkers would tell me why my skin was red and irritated, I was always embarrassed having to explain its from waxing at home. I was super self conscious about the heavy hair growth on my face, sideburns, chin, and mustache area. After 4-5 years, I finally gave up on the wax and looked into laser hair removal. I got some price quotes to get lasered professionally but it was always out of my budget. Then I did some more research on at home laser devices and stumbled on this one. They had a great deal at the time and I got it for 70% off which sold me right away. I read it takes time to actually see some progress so I was patient and used it consistently about once or twice a week followed by putting aloe Vera on my skin after use. I did this for about 3 months and Im extremely happy to say these hairs hardly grow back!! And when some hairs do grow back, they are thin, almost clear looking hairs that feel like nothing when plucked. I can go months now not even using the laser and the hairs hardly grow back. This product really did make me feel so much better about myself and got rid of my self consciousness of having heavy female facial hair. So if youre still iffy about purchasing, please just do it already. I swear on anything this product really works. Im extremely happy I no longer deal with having a beard anymore lol

I really like the device itself

I really like the device itself, it is easy to use and not painful at all - I use it on all areas at the highest level (9) and hardly feel on thing on most areas. The laser window is small though, so it does take patience and time for larger areas such as your legs. My legs take about 15 minutes each.