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NAISIGOO Releases Salon-Professional Home Hair Removal, The Shiner

NAISIGOO Releases Salon-Professional Home Hair Removal, The Shiner

This IPL hair removal system combines professional salon-grade technology with the convenience of at-home use, achieving salon-level results in three weeks. It’s also FDA-approved for users’ safety.

Nov. 25, 2023 - Beauty brand NAISIGOO announces the launch of the latest IPL hair removal device, The Shiner, on November 25, 2023. NAISIGOO results from its parent brand, MYCHWAY, a salon-grade beauty equipment supplier. It seamlessly combines professional-grade technology with at-home ease, allowing users to achieve salon-level results in just three weeks.


Beauty is born of confidence. NAISIGOO founders, Mr. and Mrs. Zhai, care about their staff suffering from PCOS hirsutism. NAISIGOO insists on empowering those facing PCOS hirsutism and body hair challenges, making managing body hair easier and helping them find their natural confidence.

Effective - Salon-level Results in 3 Weeks

The Shiner combines salon expertise with home convenience and privacy. It reduces hair growth effectively, and in three weeks, it delivers salon-quality hair removal results.

Safe - FDA-approved

The Shiner is FDA-approved, guaranteeing users’ safety and meeting strict standards to ensure the well-being.

Comfy - Relaxing Hair Removal Experience

The Shiner now uses a wavelength range of 550-1200nm. This precision helps the device easily target hair follicles, making hair removal comfy and gel or cream-free. During the process, users will enjoy a refreshing, cool sensation on the skin, like the soothing feeling of ice cubes in a cup of coffee.

Moreover, with The Shiner’s extended handle, people effortlessly extend their reach to those tricky areas—neck and back—when relaxing, such as watching TV, talking with friends, listening to music, etc. And if choosing to, customers can even remove hair from legs when lying down. The device provides users with exquisite control over its angle and placement, ensuring every moment of use is a comfort-driven experience.

The Shiner, normally priced at $359.99, will have a $140 coupon for Black Friday. Please find this deal on, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. )


NAISIGOO started with the idea that managing body hair should be easy and accessible. The mission is to simplify the process and enhance your grooming experience. Understanding that everyone has unique preferences regarding body hair, our aim is to provide practical solutions that seamlessly fit into your daily routine. Join us in redefining body hair management, bringing it back to simplicity, and giving you the freedom to break free from the daily hassle of shaving.




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Public Relations Manager


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