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Things You Need to know about IPL Hair Removal Devices

Things You Need to know about IPL Hair Removal Devices

Does IPL really remove hair permanently?

Many people wonder if IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment truly results in permanent hair removal. IPL is highly effective at reducing hair growth, typically leading to significantly less regrowth over time. Initially, any new hair that does appear is usually thinner and less visible.

Hair growth occurs in several stages, but IPL specifically targets the hair in its active growth phase. This means that multiple sessions are needed to achieve the best results.

Usually, to see optimal outcomes, at least six treatments are necessary, with about 70% of hair not returning after these sessions.

It's recommended to schedule these treatments at intervals of 4-8 weeks, depending on the area being treated, until you achieve the desired results.

However, depending on how your hair follicles react, you might need periodic maintenance treatments, typically once a year or every 3-5 years, to maintain the results. 

Can I use IPL on pubic hair?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy is safe for targeting hair on the bikini line and other external pubic areas, but it's generally not recommended for the genitals where skin is darker and hair density is greater. This can lead to increased absorption of light energy by the skin, potentially causing discomfort.

Women can use IPL on the entire bikini area, including the bikini line, mons pubis, labia majora, and perineum, which is ideal for those seeking a Brazilian or Hollywood look. For areas like the inner thighs and buttocks, which tend to be more pigmented and sensitive, it's advisable to use IPL at a lower intensity to avoid discomfort.

However, IPL should not be applied to the labia minora, inside the vagina, or around the anus, as these areas are too sensitive for this kind of treatment.

For men, IPL is suitable for removing hair around the pubic area but should not be used directly on the pubic bone, scrotum, or anus.

When used appropriately, IPL offers a practical solution for pubic hair management with a variety of grooming options:

- Bikini Line: This style involves removing hair visible outside of underwear or a bikini.

Extended Bikini: This involves removing hair from both the top and sides of the vaginal area not covered by a bikini or underwear.

- Brazilian: This style involves removing all hair from the vaginal sides, labia, and above the bikini line, typically leaving a small patch of hair on the mons pubis that can be shaped into various designs like a triangle, heart, or a single line known as "the landing strip."

- Hollywood/Full Brazilian: This complete removal of all pubic hair results in a smooth and hair-free appearance.

How long does IPL hair removal take to work?

Following several weeks of IPL treatment, you'll observe a decrease in both the volume and thickness of hair growth. Upon finishing the full 12-week regimen, you can expect a complete reduction in hair growth, resulting in a prolonged period of smooth, silky skin. Nonetheless, occasional touch-ups may be necessary to maintain these results.

How painful is IPL hair removal?

The discomfort associated with IPL hair removal tends to vary among individuals based on their pain tolerance, skin type, and the sensitivity of the area being treated.

Most people describe the sensation more as a slight discomfort rather than outright pain, often comparing it to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin or a brief touch of heat. To alleviate discomfort during the treatment, practitioners may apply cooling gels or use other cooling techniques.

Additionally, those with darker skin might experience a bit more discomfort due to the light absorbing more into the pigment, causing more heat. Precautions are generally taken to ensure the discomfort is manageable during the procedure, and it’s normal for the area to feel tender or akin to a mild sunburn afterward.

This usually fades within a day or two. If the discomfort seems too intense or lasts longer than a few days, contacting your healthcare provider is advised.

Do I have to shave before IPL?

For effective IPL hair removal, it’s important to shave first, as the process relies on an intact hair follicle. Avoid waxing, epilating, or plucking which remove the follicle, making IPL ineffective. Here are some quick shaving tips:

- Exfoliate: To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate your skin in a warm shower to clear out any trapped hairs, dirt, or dead skin cells. Use a gentle exfoliant without harsh chemicals.

- Shave Wet: Always shave on damp skin to avoid irritation and razor burns, particularly right after showering when your skin is cleanest and hairs are softest.

- Choose Gentle Products: Use mild shaving creams or gels for a smoother shave, helping to lessen irritation by reducing the need to shave the same area repeatedly.

These steps can help prepare your skin for a smooth and successful IPL treatment.

Naisigoo The Shiner

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to the best IPL hair removal devices, but you might want to give the Naisigoo The Shiner a try - it’s got a solid reputation and tends to satisfy. Let me break down its features for you!

Effective-Salon-level Results in 3 Weeks: Numerous home-use hair removal devices, which utilize shorter wavelengths (lower than 550nm), often need to be more efficient. NAISIGOO The Shiner stands out with its salon-level long wavelengths (550-1200nm), enhancing the effectiveness and safety of hair removal. Its technology targets melanin in the hair follicle with intense pulsed light, effectively putting the hair into a resting phase, much like professional medical IPL devices. This approach ensures salon-grade results at home in just three weeks.

Comfy-Relaxing Hair Removal Experience: NAISIGOO The Shiner now uses a 550-1200nm wavelength range. Unlike typical home IPL devices that use wavelengths below 550nm, which can cause skin irritation by heating the epidermis, Naisigoo The Shiner avoids this by filtering out ineffective, skin-irritating short wavelengths. We also adopt ice-cooling technology; users will enjoy a refreshing, cool sensation on the skin, like the soothing feeling of ice cubes in a cup of coffee.

Safe-FDA-approved: Based on the analysis and non-clinical tests performed, it can be concluded that the subject device IPL Cooling Hair Removal Device is as safe, as effective, and performs as well as the legally marketed predicate devices.

Extended Handle-Easy to Hold: Hair removal on the VIO and back can be challenging. Unlike many competing devices that require awkward positioning or offer limited reach, The Shiner’s extended handle enables effortless access to these tricky areas, even when relaxing, such as watching TV. The Shiner provides exquisite control over its angle and placement, which ensures every use is comfortable, setting it apart in terms of user experience.

Ultra-slim Border for Efficient Hair Removal: The border around the light emission port of the NAISIGOO hair removal device is narrow. So, when using it, there won't be any missed areas in the treatment zone.    

999999 Flashes for Long-lasting Use: With an impressive 999999 flash count, clearly displayed at the top of our hair removal device, you can enjoy long-term use without the hassle of purchasing replacements.   

Two Modes for Different Body Parts: This IPL hair removal system is equipped with both automatic and manual modes to meet your needs for different hair management areas.


IPL hair removal is an effective, long-lasting, and safe way to remove unwanted hair. Get ready to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin with confidence. Embrace the ease, comfort, and newfound confidence that come with choosing IPL for your grooming needs.

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